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Now that your blog is all setup, its time to make some money. Here are some ways that you can monetize your blog.

12 Ways to Monetize your Blog.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising This is probably the most popular way bloggers make money online. The biggest PPC advertising program is Google Adsense, you just have to put some code on your blog and google places relevant ads automatically. You get paid when your readers clicks an ad and visits the advertisers website. Google Adsense handles everything from finding advertisers, to placing relevant ads, to collecting fees from the advertisers. You just have to blog and build your traffic, let Google Adsense handle everything else.

2. Pay Per Impression Advertising These ads are often called CPM (cost per impression or cost per thousand impressions) and they are usually banners placed on your blog. You probably seen some blogs with banner ads on the top header or sidebar. You earn revenue for every thousand views these banners get. Its a little different than pay per click ads, because your readers dont need to click on these banners for you to earn a commission.

3. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is when you link to a product/service of an online store, and when users buy something you receive a commission. Example: Lets say you just bought a new shirt from and you post a picture and a link on your blog. Now one of your readers likes the shirt and buys from Macys through your link. Because your reader bought it through your link, you will receive a commission for that sale. There are thousands of online stores and almost everyone of them offer an affiliate program. Its a great way to promote products without having to carry inventory.

4. Get Paid to Post Some companies will pay you to post about their products, this is called sponsored posts. *Note that if you are going to do a sponsored post, you must disclosed that its a sponsored post. The FTC requires that you disclose if you receive compensation for product reviews or recommendations.

5. Create Your Own Digital Products Selling your own digital product is one of the most rewarding and profitable things you can do with your blog. Example products can be ebooks, e-courses, email guides, custom recipes, software, or anything else you can deliver electronically. Remember, you built a fan base with your blog, these fans are more than willing to purchase digital products from you.

6. Private Sponsorships You can sell custom sponsorships or blocks of advertising space on your blog to brands that are interested in reaching your readers. Sponsorships can be as simple as putting a brands logo on certain pages of your blog, to full page ads.

7. Sell Your Service Services can be things like personal appearances, consulting, private coaching, workshops, seminars, and speaking gigs. You can even sell remote services like online webinars, podcasts, or custom writings services. Example you have a recipe blog, you can offer custom recipes. You are good at writing, you can offer writing services.

8. Sell Branded Merchandise If your blog is fun and engaging, you should consider offering branded merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, and stuff like that. lets you upload branded images, they print those images on products, and sell those products for you. They send you royalties for everything they sell with your branded images.

9. Sell Your Products on ebay, Amazon, or Etsy If you have a physical product to sell, or maybe you make custom products, you should consider selling on them on sites like,, and Dont forget to promote your products on your blog.

10. Create a Private Membership Area You can make a lot of money by having a membership area on your blog. This is where you offer exclusive content for paid subscribers. You can earn good recurring income with a members only section.

11. Ask for Donations If you offer a lot of good free content, you can ask for donations. You can use paypal to collect donations for you. You would be surprised how much readers are willing to donate for great content.

12. Make Money Offsite When you have a blog, you dont have to make money just on your blog alone, you can also make money offsite. Example if you create a lot of videos for your blog, you can post them on and earn money when people view your videos. If you take lots of pictures for your blog, you can sell those photos on If you write lots of guides, you can publish them on Amazon Kindle and earn every time someone reads your stuff.

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