How to Start a Successful Accounting Blog

Blogging is the new tool for businesses and professionals to improve their reach. Aside from growing a brand, it is one of the job opportunities for Masters of Accounting Graduates to gain exposure while reaching out to potential clients.

If you are an accountant who is still hesitant to give blogging a try because you don’t know where to start, here are some blogging basics to help you out.

  1.       Goal-setting

Making the decision to start a blog is no different to making a business plan. You need a clear objective so you don’t lose your way.

Think about the purpose of the blog, as well as your target audience. Your blog may be for everybody, but you need to have a target population in mind. You can design the blog to be appealing to the demographic you are aiming to reach. 

  1.       Make a Blog

Once you know what you want to achieve by blogging, you need to start creating a blog. With so many blogging platforms available to you, it won’t be hard to find one in which you are comfortable. 

The sign up process to start your own blog is easy. If you can, invest in a domain name and a hosting site. This is of utmost importance if you are serious about blogging or if you are promoting a corporate blog.

  1.       Write Entries Regularly

One of the secrets to having a successful blog is to post entries regularly, as you need to publish helpful posts on a regular basis to grow your audience.

If you have long gaps between entries, the interest of your followers will diminish over time. Speaking of entries, don’t forget pictures – blogs will look boring with just words.

  1.       Promote Your Blog

It’s not enough to have your blog up and running, you need to market it too. The simplest way to do this is through social media – sharing your posts on your page or in groups will increase its visibility.

There’s no shortcut to making a successful accounting blog, but there are steps you can follow to make it happen. It may be difficult to maintain your blog at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy and often times enjoyable too.