Common Culprits for Lost Data in HP hard drives

For the first client who came to us to recover data from a flash drive, he had some issues about loading or booting his PC. As soon as the fans start running after switching the computer on, nothing else would happen and the monitor doesn’t even show anything. After a few researchers, reviews and tests, the culprit was found to be the RAM of the computer. The client also removed the hard drive from the computer and had it checked by a computer technician and found out that the device was inaccessible and that the data cannot be recovered.

In this case, there were a lot of things to be repaired as well as changed such as the RAM and the hard disk drive. While this could possibly be the worst thing that could happen to someone who values his or her data and files, there are proven ways around this kind of dilemma.

The usual culprit for PCs that stop loading or booting its BIOS system is a bad RAM. At first, HP clients who phoned in about the same problem thought that the problem would come from the motherboard however after diagnostics and tests from HP technicians, they found out that the RAM is the top candidate for disabling the motherboard to work and for the PC to cease working even after startup.

As for hard drive recovery, the usual culprit to such cases is the firmware of the disk drive. The firmware links to the OS of the PC which is also in charge of regulating the performance of the drive. As soon as it comes up with a glitch or becomes corrupted, it instantly influences the hard drive thus killing it.

So, the next time you have problems with your PC, it is best to check with the experts and don’t perform tasks that can further worsen the situation. It is also best to care for your hard drive and RAM and make sure they are always backed up and that they are always free from dust.

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